Extracurricular Activities (2011 - 2014)
Tamar Bastiaan
2013 - 2014    
Vice-President of the Law Students Association Utrecht (JSVU) (Fulltime)

President of Foundation  Young Talent Group (focus on recruitment) (Fulltime)
2012 - 2013   
Legal trainee at the Upper Chamber of States General of the Netherlands 
(led by senator Loek Hermans).

President of the Committee Chair Cultural Activities SIRIUS (ULC) Utrecht 

Vice-President / AB Politics Liberal Youth Party Board Marcusse (JOVD) Zwolle

Chairman Program of the Practice day Committee (JSVU) .
2011 - 2012   

Commissioner content & Program of the Events Commission (JSVU)

Longshoreman/Docker in firm Steinweg/ Handelsveem B.V.in Rotterdam (from may till june)

Founder political party and vice-President Liberal Youth Party Board Marcusse (JOVD) Zwolle.
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